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Hello all and welcome to my webpage. I am called Tom and has
been making music since i was 11-12 years old. Music has for
me always had a huge impact of my life. I was born in 1969 and has all  of my time lived on a place called Rognan. The location is a bit north of the polar circle in Norway.

I have been making music both with guitars , synth or the computer.In the last years i have combined theme all because of new better equipment that is around.

My main instruments is Piano and guitar. I have a 12 stringth Ibanes guitar that i love and alot of songs has been made on it. I have a Ibanes Electric guitar and a Yamaha Tyros 3 as a synth.

Since November 2016 i have been invistested in new equipment. From the year 2009 to 2016 the song has been made directly from my Tyros 3. However the situation on the computer front has changed drasticly so i needed a new plan.


The solution was to buy Cubase pro 9, alot of expansion pack to it. I also invested in Magix Music player for more techno releated songs. I work on both on theme and to be honest: Learning cubase. There is alot of thing to learn but i feel i am in the right direction:)

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